Optimize Your Home Theater

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We are confident that video calibration is the last, best ingredient in making a good home theater great!

Please note: We are no longer doing video calibrations, but please feel free to read some the great content here on this Web site that can help you make an informed decision about whether calibration is for you.

There’s lots of great reading on the “FAQ Video Calibration” page and the “Links to More Information” page (see the links above). We’re sure the information will be helpful in your search for the best picture your display can deliver.

If you’re a calibrator looking for an easy solution for accessing hard-to-reach displays, or you need a tool to make meter profiling a snap, be sure to check out our Tripod Extension Bar Kit!

Properly optimized (calibrated) home theater equipment can provide a great experience! ISF/THX calibration of high definition 2D or 3D equipment like your plasma TV, LED TV, UHD TV, OLED TV, or front projector can have your home theater components looking their absolute best.

High quality, professional video calibration can cost as little as 2 CENTS per hour of TV viewing, so don’t settle for less than you should be getting from your high def displays.

Have questions about the benefits or cost of professional calibration? Please check out our FAQ page for more information.

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